An important role of Guns in Pixel Gun 3d

In the market many shooter games are available, but Pixel Gun 3d is the trending shooting game. It is also called the survival game because in it survival mode is available. In this mode you can find lots of things, gifts and rewards to play the game. Lots of adventurer missions are also available in the game which makes the game interesting. It is also the number one game to play with friends and other players.

Types of Weapons-

These weapons are the essential things to play the game. If you want to kill enemies in the game, then guns are must require. Various kinds of weapons are available in the game. Here we tell you to detail about those weapons to play the game.

  1. Sniper Rifle
  2. Simple Machine Gun
  3. Combat Knife
  4. Simple Shotgun
  5. Pixel Gun

These are all the types of gun each weapon has different ability and performance. You can also upgrade it into the game for improving gun performance.

  1. Sniper Rifle-

It is the first and best weapon to kill your enemies in the most natural way. Via this rifle, you are able to kill your enemies from long distance. If any gun not effectual to kill the enemies, then you can use it. It is the specially made for killing the long distance enemies.

  1. Simple machine Gun-

If you want to kill a lot of enemies, continue then use the simple machine gun. In the machine gun shoot continue to run. It is also the best gun for all weapons.

  1. Combat Knife-

Sometimes the guns are not useful, but in that situation, combat knife plays the vital role. It is helpful to save your gun arm and kill the enemies. To obtain the arms in the game very hard so use the knife in some situations.

  1. Simple Shotgun-

It is useful to kill your enemies in close range. For example- Suppose an enemy is nearby you and come to kill you. In this situation, you should use the shotgun to kill the enemies because it is specially made for killing the nearby enemies.


Everything you need to know about PUBG

There are many types of games are available in the play store and app store, but PUBG Mobile is still the best option to spend the spare time. It is an amazing battle game launched by Tencent Games Company. It is not an easy game to play so, try to practice first before play it.  Take help from the tutorials to learn the best tips to play it. If you want to survive with 100 opponents, then you have to determine the best way to stay alive in the game.

How to start     

Your game starts from the airplane with a parachute, so try to land your player correctly in the safe area. Use the map to know the location of other players. However, there are no specifics names are given to the areas. Try to take help from the number of buildings to know the specific area.

For all the new players it is important to hide their self in buildings.  You should go to the big areas to get the high-quality weapons.  Always try to hit on the head first to kill quickly. In the game, you can use any buildings to use.

  • Power plant – You can find a lot of things in this area, but it is the favorite place of all players ad it is very hard to collect stuff from here.
  • Military base –it is also a very popular place, and everyone knows about it. You can find everything which you need in your game. You can use the map to find it easily.
  • Mount Stalber – if you are searching a sniper to play the game and not able to find them. You should go to the mount stalber to get the sniper in the early time.
  • Primorsk – You can use the area to hide with your squid, but you have to alert from another team in these types of areas.


In my opinion, you should work with your team to learn new things. It increases the winning chance in the game.