How to Be a Good Programmer

I am often asked about how to be a good programmer. The best way to judge whether a programmer is good or not is to check the code he or she wrote because coding is the most important work for a programmer. Even if we do not try to understand the intention of the code, just by looking at it we can see whether this programmer is good or not. So, how to be a good programmer? You should make every effort to write clean, standard and even elegant codes.


A good programmer not only writes clean and standard codes, but they make great efforts to get the code look good. Also, a good programmer should strictly comply with standard naming and layout.


Keeping checking the code, you will be sure about whether a programmer is good or not. When you see the code written by a good programmer, there is a well-crafted consistency. Good programmers can follow the standard or normal naming methods, such as camelCase, while poor programmers will always deviate from the standardized naming.

Spelling Errors

If you are a programmer, there should be very few spelling errors. Poor programmers often produce much more spelling errors in their code. They always use one fixed word for the same type of action, for example, add/insert, they either use add or use an insert in the whole coding. They will never mix the use of add and insert.


Programmers should use the abbreviations in a coherent way. If they want to use an abbreviation, they will use it in the whole coding in order to keep consistent and inherent. When poor programmers are doing coding, they sometimes use an abbreviation, sometimes not.  A good programmer will pay attention to adjectives and nouns in the names, because in English adjectives are always in the former, while poor programmers have no rules, sometimes putting adjectives in the former and sometimes in the latter.

Repeated Code

Poor programmers often write large chunks of repeated code, but a good software developer rarely has such problems. It is difficult for a poor software developer to extract a unified concept from the repeated code to reuse. A good software developer will pay attention to the notes and the code consistency for the external API. A poor programmer often has inconsistent parameter names and function definitions in their code notes.

Junk Code

A good programmer rarely leaves junk code. They are competent in judging whether a piece of code is useless or not. If this piece of code is useful, they will keep it. If it is useless, they will get rid of it. Poor programmers often do not believe whether a piece of code is really useless or not.

April Reyes